WWE NXT Recap (3/30): Samoa Joe, American Alpha, The Revival, Apollo Crews In Action, Bull Dempsey

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American Alpha vs. Corey Hollis & John Skyler

Gable shows off his fantastic mat wrestling ability early on before getting worked over. He comes back by belly to belly suplexing both opponents and tagging Jordan, who hits a half nelson suplex. Grand Amplitude gets the win.

Winners: American Alpha via pinfall (Grand Amplitude)

Dash and Dawson are shown backstage watching on.

- Finn Balor is shown saying he'll defeat Samoa Joe and retain his title on Friday.

Baron Corbin vs. Michael Cuellari

Cuellari, who was QT Marshall in ROH hits a nice dropkick, but gets clotheslined out of his boots. Corbin connects with Deep Six for the win.


Winner: Baron Corbin via pinfall (Deep Six)

Corbin hits End of Days after the match.

- We see a video introducing to Shinsuke Nakamura. AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, Matt Bloom and others talk about him.

- No Way Jose! vignette.

The Revival vs. Tucker Knight & Steve Cutler

The Revival beat down Tucker, suplexing him chest first onto the ropes. A drop toe hold/elbow drop combo lands, which Tom Phillips calls as "OH!" The Revival land an assisted gourdbuster. Cutler makes the hot tag and Knight hits an impressive dropkick and Thesz Press that clears the ring. Shatter Machine gets the win right after for the Revival.

Winners: The Revival via pinfall (Shatter Machine)

Like The Revival were earlier, American Alpha is shown watching on.

- Bull Dempsey says he won't let anyone bully him, and he's gonna give Samoa Joe a cheat meal, those two big hamhocks.

Apollo Crews vs. Alex Riley

Crews drops Riley with a shoulder block, but Riley goes on the offensive with an elbow drop. Crews comes back with a series of clotheslines and a Toss Powerbomb to win.

Winner: Apollo Crews via pinfall (Toss Powerbomb)

The Drifter comes out and plays a song, then leaves.

- Baron Corbin says Austin Aries hasn't been back since he got punked out. Corbin cuts an awesome promo about Austin Aries wrestling in front of 50 people while he's selling out arenas. He says Austin Aries can sit take his pictures and sit next to Virgil after Corbin beats him!!!!


- Bayley/Asuka hype video.

- Sami Zayn says he finally gets to get his hands on Kevin Owens, and he can multitask, and hasn't lost sight of Nakamura. He knows you only have one chance to make a first impression.

Samoa Joe vs. Bull Dempsey

Short and sweet. Bull rushes him but gets beaten down and promptly choked out.

Winner: Samoa Joe via submission (Kokina Clutch)

Joe won't let go of the hold. Refs and enhancement talent come out and the wrestlers get beaten up. Joe applies another Kokina Clutch to Bull. Finn Balor makes the save and lands several kicks until Joe tosses him over the announce table, taking out Graves. Balor jumps off the announce table and the two keep going at it.