Backstage Talk On TNA Possibly Owing Aroluxe A Payment, More On Dixie Carter, Panda Energy

- As noted, major changes with TNA are expected to happen within the next few weeks as the company is essentially out of money and Dixie Carter has been negotiating with potential investors and partners.


We noted earlier that Dixie has been talking with Aroluxe Marketing, which former wrestlers The Harris Twins are involved with. Aroluxe has been working TNA production since January but they have also put money into the recent set of Impact Wrestling tapings, and possibly this week's tapings. PWInsider reports that their production deal sees Aroluxe cover everything needed for the tapings and then TNA reimburses them, and pays them for their services.

There's a story going around among the TNA wrestlers that a payment is due to Aroluxe this week. One version going around says the payment is due today while another says it's Wednesday. The story also says that based on terms of the deal, Aroluxe is able to claim majority ownership of TNA if the payment is not made. This would leave Dixie as a minority owner, something she's been trying to avoid during negotiations. PWInsider noted that they weren't able to confirm this part of the story but it's going around a large part of the roster.


PWInsider also confirmed that multiple parties are interested in a deal with Dixie. She's previously turned down all offers but with the company facing serious money problems, she may be forced to make a deal now. We've noted how Aroluxe are the favorites and The Harris Twins have been seen at TNA headquarters having meetings with various departments in preparation for a potential takeover if the sale goes through.

TNA's former parent company Panda Energy has no say in the matters as they haven't had any ownership for some time. Panda quit putting money into the company as far back as 4-5 years ago and removed themselves from TNA operations. Dixie has been the only TNA stockholder since she bought Jeff Jarrett's shares last year.