Chris Jericho On Why His Rivalry With AJ Styles Is So Compelling, WrestleMania Crowds, More (Video)

- Chris Jericho spoke with WWE for WrestleMania 32 Media Day in Dallas today, as seen above. Regarding why his rivalry with AJ Styles is s compelling, Jericho says it's real and organic. Jericho says people can relate to the storyline and the best storylines he's had are relatable.


Jericho is sure there will be people chanting for both of them because of how the WrestleMania crowds are. Jericho doesn't care if they boo him or cheer him as long as they have fun, get involved with the match and pay attention to the match, and react accordingly. He says you will never have a quiet crowd at WrestleMania and that's great.

Regarding younger WWE and WWE NXT talents modeling their careers after him, he says he never thinks about that kind of stuff but it's very cool because he was the same way with Shawn Michaels.

Jericho also talks more about WrestleMania and having chemistry with other talents.