Flashback Friday: Waylon Mercy Talks Inspiring The Bray Wyatt Character, If They'll Work Together

WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt has developed a loyal fanbase over his three year stint on the WWE main roster. Despite being sidelined with a leg injury, Wyatt remains one of the most popular names on the WWE roster, thanks in large part to his unique approach to his character.

But Wyatt's character wasn't necessarily completely original, as the 'Eater of World's admitted a couple of years back that his persona was inspired by that of Waylon Mercy. Portrayed by Dan Spivey, the Waylon Mercy character had promise in the mid-1990's, but never took off.

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Last year, Wrestling Inc. founder Raj Giri spoke to Spivey about the Waylon Mercy gimmick, and the impression it had on Bray Wyatt. In the 1980's, Spivey had teamed with Wyatt's father Mike Rotunda.

"He was living in a little country town about 40 minutes outside of Tampa. So I told him to see how they act. When you can take from people in your life and take things from how they act and utilize them and make characters out of them. That's what worked for me, and that's what he's doing and he's doing a great job. I'm proud of him," Spivey said.

Spivey also mentioned that he's spoke to Bray Wyatt while backstage at a Raw event in Florida.

"I saw him a while back when Raw was in Tampa. I'd love to do something with him, that would be awesome. We put it out there, so maybe it'll happen. We'll see what the creative team does with it," Spivey said.

You can hear Spivey's comments about the Bray Wyatt character in the video player above, or the audio player below. Also, be sure to check out the full interview with Spivey at this link, and to subscribe to our Youtube page.