Jim Cornette Reveals Which WWE Star And Tag Team He Would Have Liked To Have Managed

As noted, WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross recently welcomed professional wrestling veteran Jim Cornette to The Ross Report. Among other things, Cornette talked about professional wrestling talents who he would like to have managed. As for what tag teams Cornette would have liked to have managed, he quickly named the Briscoes.


"Gosh, I've said this a lot and my favorite tag team these days is The Briscoe Brothers, Mark and Jay of Ring Of Honor. They're genuine. They're legitimate. They look good. They talk good. They work good. And the people believe in them. They like them. I don't know if I would be a good fit as their manager because I think their natural role, they had a heel run and they were quite good at it, but it just revved them up to turn back babyface again because [it was] one of those deals where they've been on the same pattern for a while [and] needed a shaking up. I have not seen [Jason] Jordan and [Chad] Gable and those guys, but I'm going to soon, so I can't necessarily say them."

Cornette, who is one of the professional wrestling genre's all-time great managers, went on to name several single's competitors that he would have liked to have managed. At the top of Cornette's list is none other than WWE's resident 'Show Off', Dolph Ziggler.


"As a single, one of my favorite guys, I just like to watch him. If I watch WWE, chances are it's because Dolph Ziggler's involved because we had him in OVW. I knew he was a good athlete, [but] I never dreamed he was going to be the second coming of Curt Hennig. Everything he does is flawless. I think all aspiring wrestlers should watch his, not only his technique, but also the way he throws himself into everything. His stuff is spot on. His timing is great. His stuff looks good. I can't find a flaw in his game. I'm a big Dolph Ziggler fan. They don't do jack all with him." Cornette continued, "I'm a big fan of Adam Cole's. I think Adam Cole's a superstar. Jay Lethal, he [has] got Truth Martini, so maybe I couldn't get him, but also young Matt Taven, Mike Bennett. I've always been a fan of theirs. A lot of Ring Of Honor guys."

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Source: The Ross Report