Lilian Garcia Slip Leads To Argument At RAW?, Damien Sandow On His Fan Support, Vote For DDP Yoga

- As seen on last night's WWE RAW, Lilian Garcia started to announce Zack Ryder's first WWE Intercontinental Title defense before the match was set up with The Miz. It was noted on Wrestling Observer Radio and by fans in attendance that while Lilian was jumping the gun on the announcement, a WWE production worker banged on the apron to get her to stop. This led to Lilian going over and getting into it with the worker. Apparently the two had a pretty heated exchange at ringside.


- Diamond Dallas Page's DDP Yoga is currently #2 on's Best Home Workout Programs list, next to Insanity, but DDP Yoga has many more comments than any other program. Fans can vote for DDP Yoga in the competition at this link. You can also get a great deal on DDP Yoga's max pack at

- We noted on Monday how Damien Sandow called on fans to cheer for him during RAW after he received a pop at WrestleMania 32 during the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. As seen below, Sandow made another tweet before RAW yesterday and that tweet led to fans starting a "#FreeSandow" White House petition, which Sandow has re-tweeted. The creators of the petition say it's to free Sandow "from the oppression of a ruthless dictator" and to "force WWE to give Damien Sandow TV time." They currently have just 251 signatures, despite his re-tweet, but need 100,000 before April 16th to get a response from the Obama administration.