Lucha Underground: New Trios Champions, Cage Vs. Mundo, Pentagon Jr, More

Welcome to our Live Lucha Underground Viewing Party. We will be providing live ongoing coverage of tonight's show, while you all can chime in with your thoughts throughout the show.

The cage match is the opener. Taya accompanies Mundo out to the ring. We learn Mil Muertes and Matanza will be back on the show next week.

Johnny Mundo vs. Cage

Cage won after a tombstone on the chair. Taya got involved numerous times, eventually entering the Cage. She tried to handcuff Cage but he ended up handcuffing her instead and Mundo accidentally nailed her with a chair shot. Cage gets a medallion. This was a fun match.

Winner: Cage

The trios match is advertised next. We learn from Dario that Angelico is out of the match due to an injury, handicapping Team Havoc.

Team Havoc vs. Mysterio/Puma/Azteca vs. Ryan/The Crew vs. Jack Evans/PJ Black/Fenix

Rey/Puma/Azteca won after a split legged moonsault from Rey. Fenix's exchanges with Azteca may have been the highlight here. They were great. Ryan and the Crew were eliminated first by Ivelesse. Then Team Havoc got eliminated on by Black and Evans, mainly due to Angelico's absence.

Winner: Rey/Puma/Azteca

We get a clip in a mysterious, smoke-filled dojo. Pentagon Jr is in a wheelchair. Vampiro is trying to help him. Vampiro encourages him to get up. When he can't, Vamprio gets mad and pours hot wax on him while he screams. Very strange.