Lucha Underground Recap: Fenix Vs. Matanza, Rey Mysterio, Killshot, More

Welcome to our Live Lucha UG Viewing Party. We will be providing live ongoing coverage of tonight's show, while you all can chime in with your thoughts throughout the show.

Dario and Vampiro exchange some harsh words about what happened to Pentagon Jr. last week. Dario says he doesn't care about Pentagon Jr and will use his nephew as he pleases.

Weird cop promo with Joey Ryan. He tells people he's joined The Goons.

Kobra Moon vs Ivelisse
Good match to open the show. Lots of very stiff chops,good exchanges and amazing counters. Ivelisse won with a sunset flip powerbomb. This marks Kobra Moon's first ever loss in the temple.

Winner: Ivelisse

A dark, gritty war-themed video package for Killshot airs. "Who is Killshot?" it asks. We also get some hints at his backstory.

Famous B promo. He wants to be friends with Mascarita. We also see Sexy Star lifting some weights and dealing with her loss last week. She tells Mack she wants nothing to do with Marty the Moth or Mariposa.

Joey Ryan and the Goods appear.

Joey Ryan and The goons vs. Marty the Moth, Mariposa and The Mack

The crew won when Ryan got the pin and will continue on in the tournament. Mariposa went after Mack after the match was done, but Star ran in and saved him. She chokes Mariposa until Marty dragged her out of the ring and they fled.

Winner: The Crew

Rey and Dragon talk on a rooftop. This is all very DC Comics. Anyway, we find out they will team up with Puma next week for a trios match. Matanza and Dario come down to the ring.

Fenix v Matanza

Matanza won a squash with the Wrath of Gods. After the match was over he kept beating up Fenix while Dario cheered him on. Then Mil and Catrina came out and chased him off. Mil left Fenix alone, so is he a face now? Apparently.

Winner: Matanza


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