News On If Bayley's Injury Was Real, More On NXT Star Rachael Ellering, Lady Blossom Book Synopsis

- We noted yesterday that Bayley appeared to injure her knee at last night's NXT TV tapings when trying to reverse a Nia Jax suplex. It appeared that her knee blew out, but she continued to work the match, which led to our correspondent to think that it wasn't a legitimate injury. The injury was indeed an angle, and the "medical professional" who was tended to Bayley was actually NXT developmental talent Chris Atkins.

- As noted, Rachael Ellering debuted at last night's WWE NXT television tapings at Full Sail. She's the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Paul Ellering and a student of Lance Storm. Currently, she has been wrestling with I Believe in Wrestling and other companies associated with the Team Vision Dojo. She has been training at the Dojo in Orlando under the guidance of Chris Hero. Ellering commented on her debut on Twitter, writing:

- As noted, former wrestling valet Jeannie "Lady Blossom" Williams, who was married to Steve Austin, Chris Adams and Billy Jack Haynes - has a new book, Through the Shattered Glass, that will come out next Wednesday, May 4th. You can check out a synopsis for the book below:

Jeanie's book covers her entire life story, from her tough early life, to her breakout mainstream celebrity as a member of Joint Promotions (the national promotion of the UK scene in the 1970s and '80s), where she managed the career of her then-boyfriend Chris Adams.

Her autobiography follows her relocation to the United States, where Jeanie became a mother. It reveals details of her modelling career and the end of her relationship with Chris, leading to the unique circumstances which led to her first marriage with Billy Jack Haynes.

Thereafter, Jeanie became a business entrepreneur, before being offered the role of a manager to an unknown rookie named 'Stunning' Steve Austin.

Their friendship bloomed into a romance, and they were married. However, with fame came the temptations of a touring performer, which slowly tore apart their family. Everyone knows the story of how the name 'Stone Cold' came to be, however, this account reveals, for the first time, the truth behind the Austin 3:16 brand. It analyses the painful torment on both sides as their marriage dissolved.

The story culminates in her private war with addiction, a problem that claimed the lives of so many of her friends and colleagues within the wrestling and mainstream entertainment industries. It is an inspirational battle of which Jeanie still faces the consequences.

She now hopes to share her battle to help others facing the same horror.

Tragically, her powerful story has been made more relevant in light of recent events.

Her autobiography, Through the Shattered Glass, will be available worldwide on Wednesday 4th May, from Amazon, Kindle and several major outlets. Similarly, personalized and autographed copies will be available for purchase at the same retail price of $24.99 (£16.99 UK) through orders made directly by emailing the link [email protected]


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