NJPW On AXS Recap (4/15): Shinsuke Nakamura, Kenny Omega, Hirooki Goto, KUSHIDA All In Action, More

Welcome to this week's New Japan Pro Wrestling On AXS coverage from Wrestling Inc! Tonight's show features Kenny Omega, Shinsuke Nakamura, Hirooki Goto and KUSHIDA.

Kenny Omega (w/ Young Bucks) vs. KUSHIDA)

KUSHIDA gets a couple of early dropkicks before landing another to a trash can into Omega's face. Omega fights back and hits a sick flip dive over the top rope as the Young Bucks pound on the mat. KUSHIDA takes the Bucks and Omega out with a dive of his own, followed by a moonsault for a two count. Omega hits an Oklahoma Stampede, but gets slammed face first into the turnbuckle and put in the Hoverboard Lock. Omega makes it to the ropes to cause a break. KUSHIDA threatens another, but gets powerbombed for two. KUSHIDA then lands a dragon suplex for a two count. Omega tries for the One-Winged Angel, but KUSHIDA applies the Hoverboard lock for the submission!

Winner: KUSHIDA via submission (Hoverboard Lock)

Crazy to look back and see Kenny Omega much smaller as a junior heavyweight.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Hirooki Goto

The two go through a chain series, which devolves into all out brawling into the outside area. Both men go hard with strikes, but Nakamura gets a great deal of control with a triangle choke, rear naked choke, backstabber and a big reverse powerslam. Goto is able to turn the tables and drill Nakamura with a lariat, which sets up a hangman's neckbreaker.

Both men beat the living hell out of each other for several minutes, with neither getting a major advantage. They end up on the top rope trading shots, which results in Nakamura powerbombing Goto. Nakamura hits a second rope Boma Ye, but he's in a bad way himself. They make it to their feet and slug it out until Nakamura lands an axe kick and a sliding Boma Ye for two! Goto catches another Boma Ye and gets a Ushigoroshi, Uta Shouten and Shouten Kai for the win!

Winner: Hirooki Goto via pinfall (Shouten Kai)


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