Randy Orton On How He Really Got Injured, When He'll Be Back And How Much Longer He'll Wrestle, More

Former WWE Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton has been out with an injury since 2015, and there's been some speculation as to what caused the injury. Orton spoke to AfterBuzz TV this weekend to clear the air.


Orton said that he had a match last fall in Chicago in which stretched a capsule in his shoulder. It had been rumored that his shoulder dislocated simply taking out the trash at home.

"I had a match October (12) in Chicago. My shoulder got stretched back, and I had a repair 12 years ago that was destroyed. I had a little pain, got an MRI and was told (they) had to fix my shoulder again," Orton explains. "I had a new guy do it and had a stabilization done that they do to rugby players get, and they're some tough customers.

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Orton, who was seen at the WWE Hall of Fame without a sling, updated us on his recovery, but was very vague, throwing out several time frames. He also spoke about how much time he has left in wrestling.


"A couple months, maybe 3-4, 2 weeks. Maybe there's an RKO out of nowhere (in Dallas). I'm not quite ready to be back on the road," Orton says. "I still have 5-10 years left, but who knows? I feel like I'm nowhere near done."

Orton also commented on Daniel Bryan's retirement, and the possibility of Bryan going into the WWE Hall of Fame.

"He wasn't with the WWE as long as a lot of these Hall of Famers were, but I feel like what he's put his body through in the business, I would love to see him cutting a speech and getting inducted. He's a hell of a guy," Orton said.

Source: Afterbuzz TV