Sasha Banks On Going From Triple H's Entrance To Title Contender At WrestleMania

Former NXT Women's Champion Sasha Banks was interviewed by Mike Jones of DC101 ahead of tomorrow's WrestleMania. You can check out some highlights below, and the full interview at this link.

The fans' excitement about the Divas Championship match:


"Just the simple fact of how many people are talking about our match at Wrestlemania. When have you ever been so excited to see a Divas match? When? NEVER! The fact that we're changing the game and having so many fans respect us and respect our work, and it's not even that we're females. They treat us like we're equal. We're just going to have a great match...period."

Being a part of Wrestlemania for the first time:

"Two years ago I got to be a part of Triple H's entrance. I remember going out there and I was freaking out. I saw a sea of fans and thought it was awesome but I can't wait to have my own moment. Now, two years later and here I am, and what a journey it's been. From starting in the independent scene to NXT to now, it's just been an absolutely amazing journey and I can't wait for the future."


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Moving from NXT to WWE:

"At the time I was watching and I didn't want to be brought up, because I didn't want to have a one minute match. I was going every night, having 20 minute matches at live events and I didn't want to be on RAW or Smackdown if this is the case. So when we got called up and they said we were going to have a Divas Revolution because fans wanted to see more of the women and they want to be respected, I thought, "hell yeah, I'm part of history now!"

Seeing herself on banners at AT&T Stadium:

"I went there yesterday and I broke down when I saw our 60' picture and the women were right in the middle. I couldn't believe that! It wasn't Triple H in the middle, it wasn't Brock Lesnar, it wasn't Kevin Owens, it wasn't John Cena, it was the women and I was like "wow, this is insane!"

You can check out the full interview in the audio player below.