Shane McMahon's Fake WrestleMania Money, Unreleased Attitude Era Content For The Rock, Noelle Foley

- Ringside Collectibles posted this video of Noelle Foley interviewing WWE Mattel designer Bill Miekina during WrestleMania 32 week about future figure plans and more.

- Courtesy of, below are more matches for WWE's "Attitude Era Vol. 3 ? Unreleased" DVD and Blu-ray that comes out in August:


* The Nation of Domination vs. Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Cactus Jack, Chainsaw Charlie, RAW dark match 12/29/1997

* The Rock vs. Ken Shamrock, WWE Intercontinental Title dark match, Anaheim, CA 3/13/1998

* The Rock and D-Lo Brown vs. Steve Austin and Cactus Jack, Madison Square Garden 1/10/1998

* The Rock and The New Age Outlaws vs. Steve Austin, Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie, Meadowlands, NJ 2/22/1998

- You couldn't really see the detail of the custom Shane McMahon money that fell during his entrance at WrestleMania 32, but below is a photo we posted on our Instagram during WrestleMania of the bill:

This is the money coming from the roof at #WrestleMania32

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Here is another fan photo of the money from Twitter: