Shane McMahon Sued, WrestleMania WWE Shop Sale, RAW In OK, Great Khali On Media Coverage Of Angle

- As noted, former World Heavyweight Champion The Great Khali was beat down by steel chairs in February during an angle at the end of an event for Khali's new wrestling promotion, Continental Wrestling Entertainment. News Laundry has an article here looking at how top media sources in India reported on the angle as if it were real. It was noted that while Western media will report on pro wrestling, "they stress upon the artifice by using phrases like 'storyline' and 'scripted entertainment'." Khali also commented on the angle:

101reporters spoke with Khali, who politely declined to comment on the media coverage but did express dismay that controversies have cropped up as his product was misunderstood. He stated that just like the WWE, the CWE is into "sports entertainment". He stressed upon the entertainment aspect and requested that these matches be viewed in this context alone.

While Khali's heartburn, caused by media's latest misadventure, will vanish soon, this episode is a telling comment on the glaring lack of critical thinking in newsrooms.

- WWE will return to the Chesapeake Energy Arena in in Oklahoma City, OK for a RAW taping on Monday, June 6th. Tickets go on sale this Friday.

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- Chris Harrington of WrestleNomics uncovered the lawsuit below, which was filed last month against Shane McMahon on March 14th regarding YOU On Demand Securities trading. Shane McMahon was the CEO of YOU On Demand until 2013, and remains the company's principal executive officer and Vice Chairman of the Board.

YOD Shane McMahon Lawsuit by indeedwrestling


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