Sheamus Calls King Barrett "A Little Soft," Wants To Wrestle Top International Sports Star

As seen in the video above, Sheamus appeared on Soccer AM and called out Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney, which has gotten some international media attention.

"You may be good at Manchester United, you may be good in front of goal, but you have got no chance in the WWE ring," Sheamus said.


Rooney was involved in an angle with King Barrett last year, that resulted in Rooney slapping Barrett on an episode of RAW from London last November, as seen in the video below. Sheamus told Rooney not to worry about Barrett, who he called "a little soft."

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"Don't worry about King Barrett, he is a little soft," Sheamus said. "If you want someone hard and a real fight, take on the Celtic Warrior. I will be ready and waiting in that ring in Manchester."

Soccer AM also posted the video below of The Celtic Warrior scoring a penalty kick on a Manuel Neuer cut-out. Neuer is the goalkeeper for Bayern Munich and has held the title of best goalkeeper in the world for three years.