Shinsuke Nakamura Match Stopped At Tonight's WWE NXT Live Event (Photo)

WWE NXT Superstar Shinsuke Nakamura suffered a cut to the back of his head, near his ear, at tonight's WWE NXT live event in Columbia, South Carolina. Nakamura was wrestling Manny Andrade, the former La Sombra, and took a moonsault from a nearby stage when the injury happened.


Nakamura started bleeding in the ring and the match was stopped so the WWE medic could come out to work on the cut, which was said to be bad. The match resumed and was said to be hard-hitting, fast-paced after that. Nakamura ended up winning with the Kinshasa and showed no signs of the mishap bothering him but it was a tense few minutes for some fans in attendance while he was being checked on.

Thanks to my good buddy Cassidy Haynes for sending this photo of Nakamura being tended to: