The Authority Angle Ending Soon?, Sami Zayn Injury Note, The Young Bucks Tweet King Barrett

- As noted, we received several reports from RAW tonight that Sami Zayn ran to the back holding his shoulder after hitting a tope on Kevin Owens on RAW tonight. Zayn was later involved in a backstage segment getting attacked by Kevin Owens, leading to Cesaro replacing him in the main event. Mike Johnson of PWInsider noted that the injury was storyline and the plan all along was for Cesaro to be in the match. Reddit user Falcon Arrow had also stated during a Reddit AMA earlier in the day that Cesaro would be returning on tonight's show.

- Falcon Arrow also stated that The Authority angle would be ending soon, writing, "From what I know they are going bye bye for a while very soon."

- As noted, King Barrett is reportedly leaving WWE soon and he was ousted from The League of Nations on RAW tonight. The Young Bucks responded to Barrett's banishment from the group on Twitter, writing:


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