The Miz And Maryse On What's Holding Cesaro Back, AJ Styles - Roman Reigns, Being The "It" Couple

As seen above, this week's sitdown interview with Michael Cole features WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz and wife Maryse. Below are highlights:

* The Miz starts talking about how they are the "it" couple everyone wants to be. He feels like they are role models for every other couple out there. Cole asks when they will be having a baby. Miz says Maryse wants a kid and is always asking. She says she'd like to have twins. Miz says he wants to be the dad that's there, the little league coach and everything else. He says WWE goes non-stop and he's always working when WWE needs him


* Cole congratulates Maryse being on the next season of Total Divas. She agrees that she will bring a different feel to the show. She says people will get to see a different side of her as well. Miz says he's proud of her coming to WWE to highlight his career. He's been looking forward to working with his wife. He reminds us he was on MTV's The Real World and says he believes Maryse is going to "knock it out of the park" on Total Divas

* Regarding his match against Cesaro at WWE Payback, Miz says there's no denying how good Cesaro is and how much the fans love him. He says the Cesaro Section is huge now, it's the entire arena. He says Cesaro is one of the most entertaining, captivating and creative Superstars WWE has. He praises Cesaro's strength and move-set but says one thing is holding him back – he's returning from an injury. Miz says Cesaro may be coming back too soon and he's going to exploit that. Miz talks about what the title means to him and says he will beat every Superstar to prove that he deserves it, and that no one is as good as him inside the ring or out


* Miz hypes MizTV with AJ Styles on Thursday's SmackDown and says everyone wants to know what's going on with AJ, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Miz says AJ is scared of WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns, who is "the" guy right now. The interview ends with Miz and Maryse admiring each others rear ends