TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Matt Hardy Vs. Drew Galloway, New KO Champion, Tyrus, More

Welcome to our Live Impact Viewing Party. We will be providing live ongoing coverage of tonight's show, while you all can chime in with your thoughts throughout the show.

Pope is off commentary. He'll be facing Lashley in that street-fight tonight. Eric Young says this will be the last time you ever see Jeff Hardy in a wrestling ring. He says Jeff is a redneck. He says he'll piledrive him and send him into retirement. Young and Bram start throwing weapons into the ring.

Eric Young vs. Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy won with a swanton bomb off the top of the cage onto Young. He had to hit 2 twist of fates to even get him on there in the first place. This match was a crazy stunt fest, with Hardy even kicking out of a piledriver onto a chair. Not sure about Jeff doing all this at his age, but this was a good bout.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Gail Kim, Maria and Dixie have a discussion. Dixie dislikes them making matches on their own. Gail will have to face both Madison Rayne and Jade tonight. A commercial for the Cena reality show airs, oddly.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring. Matt is out and he is mad. He says he should be the World Heavyweight Champion. Drew tells him to be quiet. Matt calls Drew Galloway a thief. Galloway claims he admired Matt once but is now disgusted by him and his antics. Drew says he will prove he is the best by beating him. He tells Matt he uses his baby son Maxel like a prop. Tyrus interrupts. He reminds them he has his title shot from BFG and will cash it in.

Tyrus talks to EC3 backstage. EC3 reminds him about karma and says he cost him a title once. Lashley attacks Pope before their match has even started. Well, it's a streetfight.

D'angelo Deniro vs. Bobby Lashley

Lashley won with the spear. Mostly a squash, but Pope got a bit of offense in. He speard Pope again after it was done. EC3 comes out. Pope is speared once more. Mike Bennett attacks him with a steel chair. Bennett runs off. Lashley leaves the ring and laughs.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

EC3 cuts a promo. He says he wants to fight Bennett. Maria comes out and he tells her to bring out her husband. Bennett appears again and trashes Carter. He calls him pathetic and says he has nothing after losing the World title. He says he'll fight him on next week's show. They brawl. It ends in the parking lot with Mike hitting EC3 with a tire iron before driving off.

Spud talks to Tyrus. Spud thinks Tyrus will lay down and give Matt Hardy the belt. Tyrus is not keen.

Jade vs. Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim

Jade won with the STO to become the new Knockouts Champion. Finish came about after Maria knocked Kim off of the top rope.

Winner: Jade

Galloway says even now that Tyrus is in the match, he will still walk out as TNA champion. Meanwhile Helms wonders what Eddie Edwards will say about his offer.

Billy Corgan suspends Al Snow without pay for what he did to Grado last week.

Helms and Lee are out. They ask Edwards to come out. He does. He says no to Helms. He says he respects him but wants to be in The Wolves. Trevor is mad. Helms hints he will beat up Edwards to get to the belts. Beer Money appear. They mock Helms and his jacket. The Decay, with Rosemary, enter the ring. Abyss and Storm exchange harsh words and Storm thinks he's looking for a fight. A brawl ensues and the refs and security have to split them all up.

Matt says he will get his belt back. Tyrus is very quiet and obviously not too pleased.

Beer Money announce an open challenge for the belts.

Matt Hardy vs. Drew Galloway

Galloway retained with the Iron Maiden submission hold when Matt tapped. Tyrus teased cashing in halfway through, but it was just to help distract Drew so Matt could could gain an advantage. Spud got involved too and attacked Drew. Later, Jeff came out and did a twist of fate to Tyrus on the chair. This was good.

Winner: Matt Hardy


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