The divas all arrive in Paris, but there are problems in the group.

Alicia and Rosa are arguing. Rosa is stressing Alicia out. Rosa, meanwhile, is mad Alicia didn’t come to her baby shower. Then Rosa won’t be roommates with Paige in Paris because Paige is rooming with Alicia. No one else wants to stay with Alicia and Paige either because they’re seen as too clingy with each other. Eva clears the air with Alicia over their previous fights?they’re friends now, I think?and later goes on a bike ride with the Bellas. Then Eva goes out to dinner with the Bellas and Nattie and leaves Mandy behind. This leads to Mandy?who’s always been Eva’s one true friend in the company, remember?getting annoyed and jealous of Nikki and Brie and now she isn’t crazy about hanging out with Eva anymore. Eva then gets angry with her for not being supportive of her finding new friends. Mandy admits to Paige she has confidence issues and worries she isn’t fitting in with the other girls. Mandy and Paige seem to be buddies now but Mandy is still determined not to forgive Eva.

Man, advanced astrophysics would be easier to explain than the friendship dynamics and hierarchy of this particular group of women. Bitter feuds, uneasy alliances, nervous tension. I can’t even tell who is getting along with who anymore. It makes Game of Thrones look like The Brady Bunch.

Meanwhile, Rosa’s boyfriend Bobby flies out to France to surprise propose in front of the Eiffel Tower. Bobby obviously has seen enough movies and TV shows to know that a marriage proposal in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower simply can’t be turned down. Sure enough, Rosa enthusiastically accepts.

Thank God, otherwise than could have been awkward. What with the cameras and the tons of people around and the kid on the way and all.

Granted, the Eiffel Tower/proposal thing is a bit of a romantic cliche, but it still beats Kevin asking Paige to marry him in the middle of a tattoo parlor with writing scrawled on his arm while the heavily bearded tattooist looked on at them both, puzzled. (Are we honestly surprised those two didn’t work out? In hindsight?) Bobby dresses in black too much and looks like he’s always searching for his goth-kid eyeliner, but other than that, he seems like a nice enough guy.

Anyway, Alicia apologizes to Rosa for not being there for the proposal and appears to be genuinely happy about her pal’s upcoming wedding. She also says sorry for the baby shower thing. She explains about her recent family problems, causing Rosa to realize that perhaps she has been too wrapped up in her pregnancy and not noticed what’s been going on with her friends.

In other news: Nattie reveals to the other women that TJ is the only man she’s ever seen naked. He’s the only man she’s even dated or been with or anything. Instead of finding this sweet?in a Nicholas Sparks-type way?Paige resolves to change this. Why does Paige hate true love?

Nattie needs to see another man naked before she dies! This is of great importance! And it must happen now! Paige then arranges an impromptu art class and finds a good-looking French dude named Fred. Fred is very, very hot and perfectly willing to strip off for this group of strange American women?he is a Frenchman, after all. Nattie is stunned. Hey, any chance of sending me the drawings of Fred, ladies?

On next week’s episode: TJ travels to Paris to fight Fred the Hot Naked French Dude. All is forgiven, though, when Fred reveals to TJ his huge collection of Cesaro memorabilia and merchandise.

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