UFC 197: Jones Vs. St. Preux Conference Call Recap: Jones Talks Daniel Cormier, Making Right Choices

Welcome to Wrestling Inc's live coverage of the UFC 197: Jones vs. St. Preux conference call! Wrestling Inc is on the call and will be bringing you all the news to emerge from it. You can listen to the call above.

- Jon Jones, OSP, Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson and Henry Cejudo is on the call.

- Jon Jones says he doesn't want to drive right now. He doesn't want to again until he's off probation. His nutritionist is driving him.

- OSP says that he'll be prepared for the fight against Jones. One of his coaches moved in with him to make sure he was on top of things.

- Henry Cejudo would rank winning the UFC title up there with winning the Olympic Gold Medal as far as personal accomplishments.

- Jones says that despite his wild year, he's unbroken and has found a way to use it to gain strength. Jones says he knows he has a lot of work to do to get in the good graces of the public.

- Jones says that he knows he's done amazing things in the sport and he's trying to prove something to himself, not anyone else. He wants longevity in the sport.

- Jones said he would be honored to main event MSG with Daniel Cormier, but doesn't know if Cormier will accept the fight there. He doesn't think Cormier will fight him in Jones' backyard.

- Jones tells Wrestling Inc that he thinks he can fight longer than he'd originally planned as he's cleaned up his life.

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- Demetrious Johnson tells Wrestling Inc he's not focused on what happens during TUF 24 and the winner getting a title shot. Henry Cejudo says the thinks it's a little crazy that it happens.

- Jon Jones has moved forward through the ups and the downs. Powerlifting has added a lot of muscle to his frame. He was up to 240 pounds at one point from lifting. He thinks he punches harder and has more explosion.

- Jones says he knows he'd be a Hall of Famer if he never fought again, but needs to make the right decisions outside of the cage.

- OSP says that being more active might help him a little bit in the fight, but nothing significant.

- Mighty Mouse found out that the TUF winner would get a title shot while he was streaming on Twitch. He found it very interesting.

- Jones finds it ridiculous to call a fighter with the level of OSP a 'warm-up fight.'

- Jones doesn't feel like he has everything to lose, because he's had so much taken away from him in the last year and a half.

- OSP says he's going to make the best of this situation.

- Henry Cejudo says that he's prepared for Johnson, and knows there are things that Mighty Mouse does better than him.

- Jon Jones is going into fight week at 218 pounds. Usually goes in at around 225. He heard people saying that power lifting would affect him, so he addressed those concerns.

- Jones has met OSP before, but had never watched him fight, even a highlight video. He said he's studied him since then.


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