UFC 200 Press Conference: Jon Jones And Daniel Cormier Go At It, Frankie Edgar, Jose Aldo, Tate

UFC held their UFC 200 press conference in New York this afternoon, after announcing the show's new main event of Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier II. You can check out the highlights below, and the full press conference above.


- Daniel Cormier is booed heavily, and when Jon Jones talks, Cormier says that 'we all saw your bumm ass fight on Saturday.' The two go back and forth with Cormier calling Jones a drug addict. Jones says he'll send some memorabilia to Cormier's house so his family can see real championship things.

- Jones says he has the belt that he won when he beat Shogun Rua, and Cormier admits the belt he's carrying is a replica the UFC gave him on Saturday that weighs five pounds.

- Jones says that Cormier isn't 'great,' but he's the next best thing in the division. Jones says he doesn't regret powerlifting.

- Frankie Edgar says it's been three years since he fought Aldo, and a lot of changes have happened since then.


- Dana White says that Conor McGregor will fight again, somewhere between UFC 201-203.

- Miesha Tate says that everything happens for a reason, and after she beats Amanda Nunes, she wants to fight Rousey in Madison Square Garden. Amanda Nunes and her go back and forth a little bit.

- Edgar trashes Conor McGregor and says he'll be the first two division champion in the UFC.

- Tate says that she won't be paying much attention to other fights until hers, but still wants Rousey to make a comeback to face her.

- Cormier says he respects Jones inside the cage. Jones thought Cormier's last two fights were great.

- Jose Aldo says that in his mind he's still the champ and wanted to re-match McGregor. Edgar says that they're after the same thing. Edgar thinks that McGregor may never actually come back to 155 pounds.

- Jones wants to beat Cormier and face Anthony "Rumble" Johnson at MSG in November. Cormier says he's not changing anything about his game plan. He says he's going to take down Jones and hold him down. They argue over who is the better wrestler, and Jones said that he made Cormier cry.

- Jones says Demetrious Johnson, like himself, is a complete martial artist and that's why he beat Cejudo, who like Cormier, is just a wrestler.


- Frankie Edgar says amateur wrestling and MMA are different sports and the transition is a case-by-case basis. Miesha Tate says the footwork and stance is a major difference.

- Edgar says he doesn't want to get ahead of himself, but it would be hard to pass up a chance to fight Dominick Cruz and become a three-division champion. Aldo says they'll give the fans the best fight of the night.

- Jones says his mother has been battling diabetes and lost her leg the week of the fight. He says he still dominated the fight even though he wasn't comfortable in the cage. He says he's going to annihilate Cormier.

- Edgar says it's very convenient that McGregor hasn't fought him. He doesn't think McGregor is afraid of him, just afraid of the result.

- Nunes: Tate has a lot of holes in her game. She's beatable. If I take my time, I'll beat her everywhere.

- Dana White says they're going to offer Nate Diaz some fights for UFC 200. It sounds like Diaz only wants McGregor, but wanted to give Diaz the chance to fight at UFC 200.

- Someone asks if keeping McGregor off 200 was a ploy to save his brand. White says he didn't prevent McGregor from fighting, and McGregor wants to fight Diaz, but he has to do the PR for the show.


- Jones says he has no injuries from his OSP fight.

- Frankie Edgar wants to stop Aldo in their fight.