Vince Russo Says Roman Reigns Needs A New Persona, That WWE Has A Chance To Start Fresh

WrestleMania is known as "The Super Bowl of the WWE" for many reasons. It's a huge show in a giant stadium that is watched worldwide, but it also signifies the end of the WWE year.

We often see new stars debut the night after WrestleMania in front of a wild crowd. Former WWE, WCW and TNA writer Vince Russo said on the final edition of Nuclear Heat that this is a real opportunity for the WWE to start anew and get their product going in the right direction.


"Vince McMahon has the opportunity to start from scratch Sunday. I'm excited about that because if they make the moves I feel that need to be made at WrestleMania, they're going to kick off post-WrestleMania with a bang," Russo said.

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Although the WWE can start fresh after WrestleMania, Russo also noted that it's important that the WWE make the right decisions for WrestleMania to help that move along.

"I'm not going to believe for one second that Roman Reigns can beat Triple H and come out of the match the babyface that Vince McMahon has wanted him to be for the last few years. We need a Shane victory. We need Shane McMahon's blood back in the WWE in some capacity, and Roman Reigns to step out of WrestleMania with a new persona. It doesn't have to happen at WrestleMania, but by the end of Monday, we need to see a new Roman Reigns," Russo said.


Russo also said he doesn't want to say a Reigns heel turn, per se, but someone who is just selfish and paranoid who cares only about himself.

"He's been asked to continue to carry himself as a babyface, he's done everything they've asked him to do. Let's really make this guy an a-hole. Doesn't care about anybody else, has no friends, but you're going to have to kill him to get that WWE title," explained Russo.

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