WWE Signs Four Female Talents, Summer Rae Vacation Pool Photo, LGBT Fan On Coming Out On Total Divas

- The Huffington Post has a story here about WWE fan Dustin Brown's recent interview with G Radio LGBT. Brown came out to his parents on an episode of Total Divas last month, as seen in the video above. Alicia Fox and Paige joined Brown for the experience, which was filmed last October. Brown talked about being approached for the show, and how it was to come out to his family on national television. He also discussed why he did the show.

"One, I don't want to say the 'pressure,' but with so many people investing so much time and energy into me doing and, obviously, two people I idolize like Paige and Alicia Fox being there it wouldn't give me another 'out' or chance to bail on it," Brown said. "The other being who knows how many other people are struggling like I was? If I could turn my struggles into strength for somebody else, I had to do that."

- According to Squared Circle Sires, WWE has signed 22 year old fitness athlete CJ Dunning, 26 year-old independent wrestler Ruby Mobs, Scottish wrestler Nikki Storm (who appeared on TNA British Boot Camp 2) and 25 year-old crossfit athlete Bianca Blair. All four women had tryouts with WWE last year.

- Summer Rae was on vacation last weekend in Maui, Hawaii. The Blemish posted photos of Summer outside of a hotel resort. Summer also posted the photos below on her Instagram:

Paradise ??

A photo posted by Summer Rae (@daniellemoinet) on

aloha ahiahi maui ??

A photo posted by Summer Rae (@daniellemoinet) on

Barbie Jeep Vibes! ?? Today it's Road to Hana!!! ????

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