WWE WrestleMania 32: Andre The Giant Battle Royal

- Cole sends us back to the panel for a recap.

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal: Shaquille O'Neal, Baron Corbin, Mark Henry, Kane, Diamond Dallas Page, Jack Swagger, Tyler Breeze, Darren Young, Goldust, R-Truth, Heath Slater, Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas, Adam Rose, Tatanka, Fandango, Konnor, Viktor, Damien Sandow

We go to the ring and the Superstars are coming out together for the third annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. WWE NXT Superstar Baron Corbin is among them and he barely gets a mention from Cole. Mark Henry's music hits and he's out to a big pop from Texas. The pyro goes off next as Kane makes his way out. Diamond Dallas Page's music hits next and out he comes for the surprise appearance. Big Show is out next with his own entrance. We see the Andre trophy at ringside. Rap music hits next and out comes NBA Legend Shaq for the surprise appearance.

Shaq and Big Show come face to face as we get the bell. Kane grabs them both by the throat. Shaq and Show double chokeslam Kane. The Superstars gang up on Shaq and Show in separate corners. They get pushed off and many of them go under the rope to the floor. Show and Shaq face off again. Fandango comes in and dances in front of them. Show eliminates him. Sandow comes up to them next but Shaq tosses him to boos. Shaq and Show face off again.

They grab each other by the throat again and struggle Everyone else comes in and tries to get them out. Shaq falls first and then Big Show. Everyone else goes at it now. DDP works over Tatanka. Kane drops Goldust. Tatanka drops Young. DDP fights Kane off now. Goldust works on eliminating Corbin. DDP ends up hitting a Diamond Cutter on Viktor and eliminating him. Konnor and Tatanka work over DDP now. DDP drops Tatanka. Konnor blocks a Diamond Cutter and sends DDP to the apron. Konnor eliminates DDP to boos. Golden Truth eliminates Konnor. Tatanka and Rose go at it. Tatanka rallies and unloads on Rose. Tatanka goes to the top for a big shot. Corbin works on Slater. Corbin eliminates Tatanka.

Kane eliminates Swagger. Axel unloads on Kane in the corner. Rose works on Corbin. The Social Outcasts look to take control and get a pop from the crowd. Truth unloads and dances at Axel, nailing a big kick. Slater and Rose come from behind to eliminate Truth. Goldust attacks them but the Outcasts beat him down. Goldust fights them but gets eliminated. The Outcasts stand tall and run a victory lap around the inside of the ring. Kane stops them and turn run the other way. Corbin stops them this time. Kane and Corbin unload on them. Kane eliminates Axel. Corbin eliminates Rose with a big right hand. Kane chokeslams Corbin. Henry comes in from the floor and eliminates Slater. Breeze sneaks in and hits Henry from behind. Henry eliminates Breeze. Kane decks Henry and they go at it.

Kane and Young eliminate Henry. Kane eliminates Young. The end comes when Corbin comes from behind and sends Kane to the floor for the win.

Winner of the Third Annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal: Baron Corbin

- After the match, Corbin stands tall as fans chant for NXT and we go to replays. We come back and Corbin is standing next to the trophy with his arms crossed.


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