Cameron Talks WWE Release And Her Reaction, What Fans The "Anti-IWC" Blog Was Meant For, Her Future

Former WWE star Cameron recently spoke with Steve Austin on his Podcast One show. You can check out the full interview at this link and our own William Windsor will have a detailed recap up shortly.

Regarding her WWE release, Cameron corrected Austin and said she was fired. When asked if she saw the release coming, she said "yes and no" and brought up the controversy surrounding her tweet in support of Ryback's "equal pay" blog. Cameron said she wasn't speaking in reference to his comments on pay, but more so to the overall message he was trying to relay – that people need to believe in themselves. She also said she had been sitting at home collecting a paycheck because WWE didn't have anything for her and she didn't like that, which led to her asking to go to WWE NXT to work on her craft. She got emotional and stopped for around 20 seconds to cry after saying she was pitching ideas to people but kept coming up short. She was looking forward to returning to the main roster to show everyone how she had grown but she never got that opportunity. Cameron also brought up the blog she wrote taking shots at wrestling fans on the internet. She said wrestling fans are incredibly loyal and the words in her blog were only directed towards people who have made racial remarks and wished death on her family.


Back to the release, Cameron said she follows "internet news blogs" very closely and she saw the rumors of releases on Thursday night, so she stayed close to her phone on Friday morning because she had a feeling she would be cut. She said she really wasn't fazed by the news when contacted and talked about how her and her boyfriend recently broke up, and how she was duped into making a substantial financial investment that ended up being a scam. Cameron said the WWE release was just more bad news on top of bad news.

Cameron said she's torn about her future in wrestling because she doesn't want to "regress" by working for anyone beneath WWE, like indies or lesser-known televised products. She said, "I look at myself and I value myself at a certain level, and I want to keep it that way." Cameron also said she feels like she has a lot more to prove in the ring, and being in NXT left her hungry, but she's taking acting classes and wants to pursue a career in film or TV.


Austin and Cameron also discussed Total Divas, how she's changed since getting into the business and more. Stay tuned for William's detailed recap.

Source: Steve Austin Show