Charlotte And Ric Flair Talk WWE Extreme Rules, Walk Out Of Michael Cole Interview (Video)

Above is this week's sitdown interview with Michael Cole, featuring WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair and WWE Women's Champion Charlotte. Below are highlights:

* Cole asks how Charlotte's life has changed since he last talked to her. She says she's the champion now and she has her coach with her. Flair says being with his daughter is the most outstanding accomplishment of his entire career

* Cole mentions how Flair is banned from ringside during the Submission Match against Natalya at WWE Extreme Rules. Charlotte downplays the loss to Paige on RAW and says it didn't count, she was distracted. Cole points out how Flair was banned from ringside then and she lost. He asks if she can win at Extreme Rules without her father at ringside and she says she doesn't understand the question

* Cole asks the same thing to Ric - if Charlotte can win without him at ringside. Flair says nothing is guaranteed and Charlotte doesn't like that. Flair thinks Charlotte will win but doesn't sound too confident. Flair says she's been winning her whole life without him. Charlotte gets upset at Cole and walks out. Flair tosses a "woooo!" at Cole and follows the champ


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