DDP Tells The Story Behind His Secret Booking For WrestleMania 32, Who Knew, Whose Idea It Was

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DDP has helped change wrestling with his DDP Yoga system, helping several WWE talents, and aiding in turning the lives of Scott Hall and Jake Roberts around. It also helped keep him in shape for a shocking secret WrestleMania 32 appearance this year in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal.


On last night's debut edition of Wrestling Inc. Live, the former WCW Champion told hosts Sean Ross Sapp and Raj Giri that he barely told anyone about the appearance.

"The only person who knew was my buddy was taking me to the arena and my wife. I didn't tell Jake, I didn't tell Scott. They liked to have everybody there at 12 o'clock. I wasn't going to be done (with his DDP Yoga Workshop) at 12 o'clock. About three months before, I got a call from Mark Carrano. He booked me, Jake and Scott. He said 'if you get any other bookings, just talk to us before you book it. No worries. They fly you in first class, put you up in five star hotel. If they need me, I'm there," DDP said.

Page said that two weeks ahead of the show, Carrano called to let DDP know he'd be needed at WrestleMania. Page said that initially he thought he meant just around the venue, but was later told WWE wanted him to work.


"He said 'Vince came up with the idea of throwing in a celebrity and two legends Royal Rumble style.' They had a list of twelve names, and Vince picked Tatanka and me. I still didn't know who the celebrity was going to be, but I didn't care. Two days before my 60th birthday...and now I'm actually going to get to work right before the main event," explained DDP.

DDP said that he was happy to see Shaq in the role as the celebrity as well.

"I saw Shaq and I said, 'Okay, this all makes sense,'" said Page. "First time we went through it, Shaq took a bump like BOOM! We were like 'Shaq are you alright!? Don't do that!' And he was like 'no I'm alright.' You could tell how excited he was based on how fast he ran to the ring."

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