Demolition Talk Road Warriors (Video), The Rock On Stephanie McMahon's Memoir, Edge Hypes Finale

- In the video above, former WWE Tag Team Champions Ax and Smash of Demolition talk about their matches with The Road Warriors and six-man matches with The Ultimate Warrior. They talk about not having more of a feud with LOD because of the lack of chemistry between the two as they were both babyfaces and heels. They believe the two teams could have done really well if everything was booked right. They also talk about how Warrior was limited in the ring and they don't believe they could have had a long feud with him because it just wasn't workable.

- WWE Hall of Famer Edge tweeted the following on tonight's season finale of The Edge and Christian Show on the WWE Network:

- As noted, Stephanie McMahon will be releasing her memoir this September. The Rock congratulated her with this tweet:


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