Hornswoggle may have been released from his WWE contract last week, but his character will live on in WWE history in some of the more confusing and controversial storylines in WWE history.

In a new blog by former WWE creative writer Kevin Eck, the story behind Hornswoggle as the Anonymous Raw General Manager was revealed.

Eck said that he wanted the Anonymous Raw GM to be Kevin Nash, with the idea that Nash had to keep his identity secret due to being under contract to TNA. It would be revealed that the e-mails were being sent from the production truck, and when investigated, Kevin Nash would be there in a wizard’s hat, a play off of his WCW Oz character.

The storyline was dropped right before Eck made it to the WWE, but says that ideas were pitched on occasion to finish the storyline. One writer joked that Hornswoggle should be revealed as the Raw GM, because the payoff of him being revealed as McMahon’s son was so bad. They thought it was so ridiculous that McMahon may go for it.

“The idea was that after Hornswoggle was outed as the GM, he’d reveal who he truly was,” Eck wrote, “saying that his name was Lou Manfredini (the last name of one of the writers), he would speak with a W.C. Fields-like accent, chomp on cigars and refer to women as ‘dames.'”

Hornswoggle was eventually going to become a heel manager, and Vince McMahon greenlit the idea. However, Hornswoggle couldn’t fit the role when they tried it out, and he wasn’t given much time to prepare for it. Eck said that the angle was so bad that Vince McMahon actually apologized to Jerry Lawler for involving him in it.

You can read Eck’s full blog at this link.

Source: Kevin Eck Wrestling