Kentucky Boxing And Wrestling Commission Chairman Talks Trying To Get WWE TV Back In Kentucky

Kentucky Boxing and Wrestling Commission Chairman Chad Miller spoke to WYMT about his attempts to get televised WWE events back in Kentucky. WWE won't run TV events in the state because of the strict regulations surrounding wrestling. Here are highlights:


The regulations preventing WWE from running events:

"All you can ask for as a business owner, whether you're a $1,000 corporation or a multi-billion dollar corporation, is a fair and even playing field. What we want is a consistent product. You know, I hate to refer to people as products, but what we want to try to do is make the best environment possible for our athletes. Whether it's wrestling, MMA, boxing or kickboxing, if a family spends $25 on an evening or $2,500 on an evening, we want that product to be consistent. That goes for regulations as well. Whether you're the WWE or NWA Appalachia, you're going to have the same exact regulations, playing field and guidelines to follow."

Getting WWE to run TV in Kentucky again:


"That's the elephant in the room right now. We have to evaluate the current policies and regulations in place and make a fair decision. I can tell you my goal is to generate as much revenue for the Commonwealth of Kentucky as I can. If you say the WWE, UFC and Impact Wrestling are not a part of that, you're fooling yourself. I had an opportunity last night to speak with four local promoters after our meeting. I asked them "If I could change one thing for you as a wrestling promoter, what would you want it to be?" I had a very long and lengthy conversation with one gentleman and he said "I want Wrestlemania here." That's a big step for us, I'm not saying I'll be able to get it done tomorrow, but it's a goal that we're striving for. We have world class venues. If you look at Rupp Arena, the Yum! Center, Pikeville has a phenomenal setup for a live television show, the Corbin Arena, the Northern Kentucky Civic Center, you've got Western Kentucky in Bowling Green, Paducah has venues, Richmond has Eastern Kentucky University, there's so many great venues. We would love to have the WWE come in here and host them, but also we want our local promoters to reach that level as well. We want to start by bringing in those bigger tickets. It rejuvenates the sport. That is our ultimate goal. We want to have something home-grown, but we also want to show our state off to the world."