Kevin Owens Trolled At His Son's School, Former Writer Recalls Getting Hired By WWE, WWE Shop Sale

- Kevin Owens posted this funny story about being trolled at his son's school with kids screaming John Cena's theme song at him:


- Speaking of Owens, just a reminder that you have a few days to donate to his GoFundMe campaign – that he started with Tyler Breeze – for the victims of the recent forest fire that hit Alberta, Canada. Owens and Breeze have already raised over $59,000 as of this writing, easily surpassing their original goal of $30,000. You can donate by clicking here. The campaign ends this Sunday, the day of WWE Extreme Rules. People who donate $100 or more will get a personal video message from Owens and Breeze, just make sure to leave your email address with the donation.

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- Former WWE creative writer Andrew Goldstein posted an article at Complex looking back at getting his "dream job" with WWE, as well as the journey of four celebrities who worked pro wrestling creative – the late Patrice O'Neal, actor Freddie Prinze Jr., rock guitarist Bob Mould and TNA producer Billy Corgan.

Goldstein noted that he got an interview with WWE after filling out an application on a career website, and revealed the storyline that eventually got him hired:

That writing sample (which included Eddie Guerrero answering Kurt Angle's open challenge disguised as a masked Mexican luchador named "Dirty Sanchez"?no joke) led to an interview with the head of creative at the time?a former sitcom writer whose personality meshed more with Initech than it did with the WWE. I didn't get the job. Apparently WWE wasn't ready for Dirty Sanchez. But a year later, when I saw the same job posted on the same career website, I took a chance and emailed my boo Kathy and asked if I could yet again submit a writing sample. A week or so later I sent off another four-pronged sample narrative, this time loosely biting off the Rocky IV plot by casting Ric Flair (as Apollo) to retire at the hands of Umaga (Ivan Drago) only to be avenged in the ring by the younger and more prepared John Cena (Rocky). Yes, that's the storyline that had me in Stamford, Conn. meeting a Freebird and the American Dream.