Bellator’s King Mo Lawal is just a few days away from one of the biggest fights in his career. At Bellator 154, Mo squares of with world-class light heavyweight Phil Davis in one of the company’s biggest fights of the year. According to Mo, the former TNA roster member still does his best to stay caught up on wrestling, however.

“Yeah, I follow it the best I camp. It’s hard through camp,” Mo told me in an exclusive interview. Mo said that he’s also been following the situation TNA has been in over the last couple of years since his departure.

“I’ve been paying attention, man. I was kind of worried when Kazarian and Daniels left,” Mo said. “Then Samoa Joe left. Then AJ Styles, Eric Young, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode- Bobby Roode can wrestle his ass off. The guys that could really wrestle are leaving. I hope they can bounce back. That’s not good, especially when AJ Styles left. They lost a lot of great wrestlers, and I hope they can turn the corner and move forward on a positive note.”

Mo told me that even though he was brought into TNA with much fanfare, it was slowed down because he fought so frequently.

“Everything got messed up quick because of my fight schedule. I was in OVW, had a couple of matches there. I was working with Al Snow, Nick Dinsmore and Nick Miller, who is known as Trailer Park Trash. I was learning a lot from Frank Miller. TNA didn’t really have a chance to use me because of my fight schedule. I fought like 5-6 times that one year,” Mo said.

While TNA often is given the blame for failed storylines, Mo instead pointed the finger at former Bellator President Bjorn Rebney. He felt as if Rebney just wanted to gain some crossover viewers without a real plan.

“Not really, with the fight schedule it was hard. Bellator with Bjorn was iffy. Coker would have done a better job trying to coordinate the schedule with TNA. I think the blame is on Bjorn. I was working with Kenny King and people at FSW. I was hoping I could do something, me and Kenny King, the Knockout Kings. Bjorn, I don’t know what his plan was. I don’t think he had a plan,” Mo said.

Bellator 154 takes place this Saturday night and airs live on Spike TV. We’ll be bringing you the full interview with King Mo later this week. You can hear King Mo’s TNA comments in the video player above, or the audio player below.

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