Lisa Marie Varon On Which WWE Star She Wants To Face, Her Botched Finish At MSG, Lucha Underground

Former WWE and TNA star Lisa Marie Varon (Victoria, Tara) recently spoke with Total Wrestling Magazine in the UK. The full interview can be found at this link. Below are highlights:

Is there anything in particular you're enjoying watching at the moment?

"I've been at a few Lucha Underground shows recently which have been so much fun. Obviously I'm really good friends with Chavo [Guerrero] who is a producer down there so it's great to be able to go and see friends there but then just take my seat and relax. Those guys and gals put on quite a show. When you're backstage at WWE or TNA he matches are going on but you're not really paying attention to them as you're getting ready for your own match so to be able to just sit back and chill out and enjoy the wrestling itself is a great feeling.

Obviously you're one of the most decorated women's champions as well. That must fill you with pride?

"Oh it does although the night I won my first title from Trish [Stratus] was a catalogue of disasters. I had a gimmick at the time where I spoke to my reflection in a mirror I carried around and I was supposed to smash it over the head of Trish to pick up the win and the title. So as I shot her off the ropes she stepped on the mirror and smashed it, I panicked so I went under the ring where there were two fire extinguishers, they were both real but one had a pin in it and the other never, of course I grabbed the one with the pin in it and couldn't unlock it.

"Did I mention this was in Madison Square Garden?! Everything was going wrong and I ended up winning the match with a freaking suplex as I didn't have the Widow's Peak at this point. I was really scared going backstage in case I got yelled at but Fit [Finlay] said: 'Nobody is going care about how it ended, you guys just killed each other out there, it was a great match.'

"I laugh about it now but at the time I was horrified."

It must be exciting to see all this new talent coming through in WWE's women division and being taken seriously? It creates a lot of dream matches involving you, if you return?

"You know I'm very lucky I've wrestled some of the greatest and I'm still wrestling now so yeah who knows who I may hook up with next. If you look at the match that Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Sasha Banks had at WrestleMania I think people are taking the women more seriously now. A lot of people said it was their match of the night. Hopefully the days of bra and panties matches are a thing of the past and we can concentrate on the wrestling.

"I love Charlotte she would be so much fun to wrestle and I am a huge Sasha Banks fan. She's got it, the reaction she gets from the crowd is amazing and she is going to go far in this business. I'd have to say though Paige is a given for me. I'd love to wrestle her. I'm friends with her mom but I think there are a lot of little subtle similarities between us and I'm sure we would have a great match."

Check out the full interview with Varon at this link.

Source: Total Wrestling Magazine

Jeff Lewis contributed to this article.


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