Luke Harper Talks "Freak Occurrence" Injury, WWE Goal, Twitter Criticism, His Return, More (Video)

As seen above, Qwality TV recently sat down with Luke Harper for their "How to Rehab An ACL Injury" series that recently profiled Davey Richards. Below are highlights from the interview:

* Harper confirms he suffered an injury during a RAW dark match back before WrestleMania 32 and was almost immediately told it was an ACL injury. Harper thought his leg was broken at first. Tests confirmed he dislocated his patella and tore his MPFL ligament


* Harper believes it was a freak occurrence and says he may have been predisposed to a patella injury, that his knees were off and not properly diagnosed. Harper also tore his other patella in 2011

* He thought he was facing a catastrophe in the first few hours after the injury, assuming life was over as he knew it. Working with Dr. Dugas and Champion Sports turned his attitude around to think that he can come back bigger, better and stronger, a better pro wrestler and well-rounded athlete. Harper also mentioned he's had time to work on things at home, spend time with family and his 4 year old.

* He called the injury a blessing in disguise but said he's itching to get back in the ring and is looking at being back August at the earliest, October at the latest


* In regards to criticism over he and The Wyatt Family members using Twitter, he says it's 2016 and he doesn't know why he wouldn't have an account or why people would have a problem with his posting. Harper says in 2016, everyone is using Twitter as a vehicle to get their name and brand out there, including him. He talks about how close Luke Harper is to Jon Huber

* His ultimate career goal is to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and he plans on doing that. Harper is looking at using this injury to get to the title. His ultimate life goal is to make his son and wife happy, to give them a good life. Harper says it's all slowly coming together and then introduces his son Brody