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- FOX 2 Now in St. Louis posted the video above of Sheamus signing autographs at a Cricket Wireless store this past Monday, before that evening's RAW at Scottrade Center.

- currently has $5 deals as part of a Cinco de Mayo. There is no code needed, just use this link.

- Ryback's contract dispute with WWE has been generating a fair amount of media attention. Deadspin has a good article on it at this link, while Forbes has one here looking at if Ryback should "seek greener pastures." Alfred Konuwa's latest video blog at Forbes also looks at the situation and asks if Ryback is picking the wrong fight with WWE over equal pay.

- As Marc noted earlier, a report from AUX.TV that Prince's secret vault contained a documentary on WWE Hall of Famer Koko B. Ware was proven to be false. As to whether or not Prince was a wrestling fan, David Otunga did send us this tweet yesterday stating that Prince did tell him once that Otunga was his favorite WWE star and that he loved Otunga's "coffee thermos and bow tie."

In an amusing quasi Prince - wrestling related item, Wrestling Inc. reader Pete Gerber passed along the video below of an SNL skit from 1985 from an episode hosted by Hulk Hogan and Mr. T. Prince had skipped recording We Are The World that week, with one of the stories being that he skipped it because he needed to tend to one of his bodyguards, who was in jail that night after being involved in a "fracas" at a nightclub. SNL spoofed the incident with the skit below, featuring Billy Crystal dressed up as Prince singing "I Am The World," with Hogan and Mr. T playing his bodyguards.

Billy Crystal, Hulk Hogan & Mr. T by mjdwfan


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