New Japan Pro Wrestling Posts Full Controversial Ricochet Vs. Will Ospreay Match (Video)

New Japan Pro Wrestling is capitalizing on all of the attention the company is getting after a Best of the Super Juniors match from night six garnered polarizing reactions from fans.

New Japan posted the full Ricochet vs. Will Ospreay match from last week, which featured the two stars going back and forth in an acrobatic, high flying match. Former WCW Champion Vader and several other talents were quick to criticize the two based on a short .gif of the match that surfaced the next day.

William Regal and Shelton Benjamin were a couple of the veteran wrestling names that stood up for Ricochet and Ospreay, putting over the style. Ospreay responded to Vader's criticism by doing a Vader Bomb the next night.

You can see the full match above, and also hear the Wrestling Inc. Podcast panel speak about the match at this link. Where do you stand on the debate? Post your thoughts below.


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