Rey Mysterio On Who He Watches In WWE, Three Hour Raws Being Too Long, Alberto Del Rio Booking

Rey Mysterio had a decorated WWE career, including three world titles, 3 Cruiserweight Championships, and a number of other accolades before finally being granted his release in 2015. Despite his exit from the company, Mysterio still keeps his eye on the WWE, just not as intently as many fans do.

The Lucha Underground star Mysterio appeared on Busted Open Radio recently, and said that even though he was a part of the three hour Raw shows when they first started, he always found it hard to follow them.

"I'm not going to hate, I was a part of that show. But even when I was on it, I couldn't sit back and watch a show for three hours. When I was on the road with WWE, I'd come home and the last thing I'd want to hear about is wrestling. That was a no-no in the house," Mysterio said.

"For me it'd be hard to sit back and watch something, unless I knew somebody that I liked to watch was on. An AJ (Styles), a (Chris) Jericho, even an (Alberto) Del Rio that I wan't to catch up with. Even Kalisto. He's awesome," Mysterio said.

Mysteiro was also asked where he'd put his longtime foe Alberto Del Rio on the WWE card. Mysterio stated his case to have the former World Champion on top.

"I would put him as Heavyweight Champion in WWE. He has every right to be. With the generations he has passed...he's a world class athlete. MMA fighter, Greco-Roman wrestling, bilingual, what's so hard to see the superstar status within him?," Mysterio asked.

Mysterio also talks at length about Lucha Underground and much more. You can see Mysterio's full comments on Busted Open Radio above.


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