- In her latest blog on UltimateWarrior.com, Dana Warrior talks about the word "endure."

"I have said this before but it bares repeating. The toughest battles I endured alongside my husband taught me the skills I needed for what I was ultimately charged to face," she wrote. "I would have come up short had I not been tried and tested in very real ways for years by his side. I did not know then I would need to endure what we did to endure the new life I am in but every step of those tests readied me for where I am and every challenge I am facing now is readying me so I have ammunition in my arsenal for what is coming next."

- WWE's bloodletting may not be over.

After cutting ties with over ten workers this month, there are rumblings of yet another release in the company. This is according to David Herro, who frequently books former WWE wrestlers on Great Lakes Championship Wrestling events.

He tweeted Tuesday afternoon, "Rumblings about another WWE release.. ... #StayTuned."

It was recently reported that another round of cuts was expected by people in the company by the end of the month.

- In this brief audio interview, Finn Balor talks about NXT's tour of the United Kingdom next month, whether it's his farewell tour with the brand, and the current crop of talent.