Seth Rollins On Which WWE Star He Wants To Feud With, If His Knee Is 100%, Rehab, More (Videos)

Above is this week's ESPN "Off The Top Rope" segment with Jonathan Coachman and clips from last night's post-Extreme Rules WWE RAW.

In the videos below, Seth Rollins joins Coach for his second OTTR appearance. Coach asked how the crowd reactions at Extreme Rules felt when he returned. Rollins said it was wild. He's been waiting on the sidelines for 7 months and to be able to make an impact from the get-go was special, surreal. He called it a very nice moment. Coach said most athletes come back in 9-12 months with this injury and asked what Rollins did to come back in 7. Rollins said he's a very goal oriented person and was given a timeframe of 6-9 or 9-12 months. He had incredible surgeons in Birmingham, who also did a great job with the post-surgery rehab. Rollins said they pushed him and let him push himself. He was doing two-a-days every day and wanted to make it back as soon as possible because he missed the crowd so much.The biggest challenge through the whole process has been missing WrestleMania 32 and the emotions that came with that. Rollins said it was heartbreaking to think how much work he put in through the year and knowing he was going to miss WrestleMania. Rollins said that will take time to get over but he's back and doesn't want to dwell on that.


Coach asked if Rollins feels pressure to get back at the top because there's more competition at the top now, like AJ Styles. Rollins said there is a level of pressure involved with being at the top but he's used to it, that's where he does his best work. Rollins believes if he puts in the time and is himself, the chips will fall and he will be back where he needs to be. Coach asked how Rollins feels about the new era of talent and Rollins said he loves it. He feels having hungry talents will only push him and the other Superstars, and will make everyone else better, giving the fans another reason to tune in. Rollins said he's looking forward to having matches with guys like Apollo Crews, Sami Zayn and Styles. Rollins said he wrestled AJ 10 years ago in front of a very small crowd and it will be nice to come full circle and have a series of match in front of larger crowds. Rollins said AJ has always been an idol of his and someone he patterns his style after.


Coach asked about the knee being 100% and Rollins said he wouldn't be here if he didn't feel he could hang with the best. He wanted to get back from day one but also wanted to make sure that he cold perform at the level that meets or exceeds expectations. He wouldn't be here ready to go if he wasn't 100% positive he can be better than the Seth Rollins he was before.

Rollins also talked about suffering the injury in Ireland, rehab and more in the interview.