Lucha Underground’s Sexy Star recently spoke to Forbes about her recent match with Mariposa and much more. You can read some highlights below, and the full article at this link.

Her ‘No Mas’ match:

“My match against Mariposa has been one of the best things that have ever happened to me because it allowed me to make it clear to everyone what true women wrestling is. It’s not scratching each other followed by glamorous poses,” Sexy Star said. “We are not two beautiful women pulling each other’s hair. A real female match is a match between to gladiators, two warriors who are ready for anything and who are willing to leave their blood splattered in the ring if it’s necessary. In a true female match, participants defend their dignity with their moves, high flying action, hits, chairs and whatever else might be need, because when two women truly want to win, they are willing to risk it all, including their lives.”

Lucha Underground’s stance on women:

“The prize for my arduous sacrifice and passion is that Lucha Underground as a company and organization believes in me. I feel extremely proud of that because it also means they believe in women’s wrestling, and I will never fail them in that aspect.”

Source: Forbes