Stephanie McMahon On If Chyna Will Be In WWE Hall Of Fame, Fights With Shane, Donald Trump

TMZ Sports caught up with Stephanie McMahon, as seen in the video above.

When asked if Shaquille O'Neal will wrestle in WWE following his unadvertised cameo at WrestleMania 32, Stephanie gave the standard "anything can happen in WWE" line. She also said that all the celebrity cameos in WWE "are pretty cool in their own right," although one of her recent favorites was Jon Stewart, who she called "just awesome."

Stephanie was also asked about WWE fans possibly supporting WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump since they are so loyal to the brand. Stephanie just said that it was very possible. Stephanie was also asked if Chyna will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

"I'm sure that we'll see Chyna in the Hall of Fame at some point in the future," Stephanie said. "I'm not sure what year that will be, but there's no denying her contributions to WWE."

TMZ closed the interview by asking Stephanie who would win fights between herself and Shane McMahon. Stephanie said that it depended on the fight, and that since Shane was physically bigger and stronger, she had "to be smarter."

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