The Rock Reveals New Project, Tyrus Talks The Apocalypse On FOX News, Dolph Ziggler - FOX Business

- TNA star Tyrus appeared on The Greg Gutfeld Show on Fox News this past weekend, as seen in the video above. Tyrus was a part of a panel that discussed if they would let their neighbors in their bunker during the Apocalypse.


"Should you help your neighbors? No!," Tyrus joked. "But you should be able to pick your sex slaves, because that's really what it's all about... It's like a club, it's gonna be a huge club!"

- Dolph Ziggler will be appearing on Kennedy on Fox Business Network this Thursday.

- The Rock revealed on Twitter that his production company, Seven Bucks Productions, will be partnering with CNN for a new series in 2017 called Soundtracks:

tuckarundo contributed to this article.