TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Hardy Contract Signing, EC3 Running Things, Gail Confronts Maria, More

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We get a recap of last week's show.

We see Dixie backstage talking to somebody. She promises big things for tonight and that they will have power over the show for an evening.

Maria and Mike Bennett open Impsct. Maria says she's the only one who can run things in TNA. Mike wants to know who is going to be in charge. He's mad. He calls out whomever is in charge. EC3 comes out. He then makes Bennett/EC3 for Slammiversary, claiming Bennett opted out of their original deal. Carter says Bennett can have the night off to get ready for their match...sort of. He's going to be a janitor. And Maria is receiving a job evaluation. Carter then tells him to leave. He refuses so EC3 threatens to beat him up. Bennett leaves in a huff. Enter Lashley.

He wants to fight Carter, but Ethan tells him it is up to Drew Galloway. Backstage EC3 gets Mike Bennett to clean up a dirty bathroom. Galloway decides Lashley will face Bram tonight.

Bram vs Lashley

Bram won by DQ when Lashley got frustrated and used a steel chair. He speared him a couple of times and Galloway ran down with his own steel chair to make the save. Lashley backed off.

Winner: Bram

Eli came out and cashed in on the injured Bram. He the new KOTM champ.

Bennett will be guest ref for The BroMans vs. Spud/Tyrus

We get a segment of Matt Hardy at home. He says we'll see him sign his contract later on.

The Bro Man's vs Spud/Tyrus

Bro Man's won when Spud tapped out to the Adonis Crab. Raquel was quite funny at ringside as she attempted to distracted Tyrus. The was a fun match for what it was.

Winner: The Bro Mans

We see Carter and Maria meet backstage. Her job evaluation is next.

We see Jeff Hardy heading for Matt's house. Gail heads out for the job evaluation. Maria and Gail had words, then EC3 made a match between them at Slammiversary. Carter then makes a tag match with Sienna and Allie taking on Gail and Jade. Carter orders Maria to sit at ringside with him so he can keep and eye on her and stop her interfering.

Sienna/Allie vs Gail Kim/Jade

Allie lost after getting hit with the package piledriver. This was fine. Allie's really coming along as a performer.

Winner: Gail/Jade

Jeff arrives at the house. We see Reby telling him that she's had enough of Matt's antics. She's apparently taking the kid and going.

Bennett is annoyed. Carter then admits he lied to him about him not performing tonight. He says Bennett is facing James Storm next.

Mike Bennett vs. James Storm

Mike won thanks to a distraction from Maria. Afterwards EC3 cut a promo telling him to get ready for Slammiversy. The distraction allowed Storm to hit The Last Call.

Winner: Mike Bennett

A video package for The Tribunal airs. Al Snow brags about beating Grado last week. Grado confronts him. He points out Snow had to cheat to defeat him. It all kicks off and The Tribunal brawls with Shera and Grado.

Slammiversary video airs. We go Matt's house. Matt and Jeff head out to their backyard wrestling ring.

Lashley reveals Drew Galloway will face The Decay. Apparently, he could put him in a match with more than one person.

Drew Galloway vs. The Decay

Galloway won with the Claymore and Future Shock on Crazzy Steve after Lashley's interference backfired and he accidentally speared Abyss.

Winner; Drew Galloway

Matt and Jeff sign the contracts. Then Reby appears and distracts Jeff with a fake baby so Matt can attack him from behind. Impact closed with Matt putting him through the table with a the side effect.