UFC Fighter Says CM Punk Doesn't Deserve To Be In The UFC

CM Punk welcomes controversy with open arms, whether it was in the WWE, or the UFC. Now 18 months after originally announcing that he'd signed with the UFC, the former WWE Champion Punk is as controversial as ever.

Punk has been welcomed to the UFC with mixed reception among his new peers, but if you were to ask many of them, they aren't his peers. The Fan Garage spoke to UFC Welterweight Matt Brown ahead of tonight's UFC 198 and asked him about his criticism of Punk.

"I didn't criticize him for having his surgery if it was something necessary to do. I criticized him for the fact that he's not a fighter. He doesn't deserve to fight in the UFC with no fights. I don't believe he deserves to fight in the UFC based off the name he made in pro-wrestling and I think he'll figure it out when he fights in the UFC, he'll figure it out the hard way. Or he can listen to me and that'll be the easy way to learn," said Brown.

Punk was originally planning to fight approximately a year from when he started training at Roufusport in Milwaukee, which would have been in February. That was moved back until summer when the UFC decided that Mickey Gall would be his opponent. Unforutnately for Punk, he was forced to undergo back surgery, and wasn't cleared as of six weeks ago.

There's still no word on when Punk's first planned UFC fight will occur. There have been rumors that FOX cameras have followed him sporadically for a documentary series whenever the fight does go down.

Source: The Fan Garage