Vince Russo Talks Cameron And Damien Sandow's WWE Releases, Talents Not Getting A Fair Shake, More

One week ago, the WWE saw a major roster turnover due to several big releases of longtime employees of the company. Wrestling Inc.'s Vince Russo has been around wrestling for quite some time and has had his fair share of departures. He spoke on the Wrestling Inc. Podcast this week about some of the exits.

Russo was asked about both Damien Sandow's release and Ryback's contractual issues, and said that both men worked hard to get over and earn their places, but weren't given fair shakes by the WWE brass.

"When somebody earns the spot, they earn the spot. When they earn that spot, you need to go balls to the wall with that person. I had mixed emotions about Ryback's comments (regarding WWE's financial structure), but I think Ryback earned the spot every which way that Sandow did. He was trying to work with what they gave him, and nothing was there. They did everything they could to get themselves over and were failed miserably by the writers," said Russo.

Russo then joked about Cameron's blogs that she posted, where she said that every day for five years fans have criticized her for pinning a woman incorrectly and telling Steve Austin her favorite match was Melina vs. Alicia Fox.

"In a lot of these cases they use these guys incorrectly and they're just spinning their wheels. Then there's the tweet of thanking the WWE for the opportunity. What opportunity?! I can't stand that. Obviously you said something in the heat of the moment and you meant it...but when you're talking about cyber bullying, it happens to everybody," Russo said. "I thought it was hysterical when Cameron was commenting about people still talking about what she said on Tough Enough five years ago. I was like 'Are you kiddin' me!? David Arquette happened like 20 years ago," Russo laughed.

You can hear the Wrestling Inc. panel talk tons of subjects and review Monday Night Raw. Topics include:

- Last week's WWE releases.
- Monday night Raw.
- Dana Brooke debuts
- Big Cass gets a big angle
- Several champions lose
- Extreme Rules matchups set
- 'The Club'
- UFC 198 preview
- Viewer questions.

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