WWE NXT Live Event Results From Cocoa (4/30): Champions In Tag Matches, TMDK, Tino Sabbatelli, More

- Thanks to Tara for the following WWE NXT live event results from Saturday's show in Cocoa Beach, Florida:

* No Way Jose defeated Mojo Rawley in a good opener. Mojo has been working a little more of a heel lately

* Patrick Clark defeated Dan Matha. Matha is improving and Clark has good old school selling

* Carmella defeated Aliyah in another good match

* Tino Sabbatelli defeated Christopher Girard in a very good match, really solid action from both. Tino has improved so much and looks so comfortable now. Girard continues to impress with his intensity

* Shane Veryzer and Mikey Nicholls defeated "The Authors of Pain" Gzim Selmani and Sunny Dhinsa. The Mighty Don't Kneel were awesome here, just like their debut a few weeks back. Not the match of the night like last time but Dhinsa and Selmani are intriguing, they could be very interesting on NXT TV or the main roster

* Elias Samson defeated Noah Kekoa. Still not sure about Noah but the Eva Marie heat continues for Samson

* NXT Women's Champion Asuka and Adrienne Reese defeated Nia Jax and Mandy Rose in a good match, good performances from all four women. This may have been one of Mandy's best outings yet

* Finn Balor, Tye Dillinger and Manny Andrade defeated NXT Champion Samoa Joe, Dash and Dawson in an awesome, very entertaining main event. Like a lot of these NXT multi-man main events, this had the perfect mix of everything that makes a match work. Balor hit a Coup de Grace on both members of The Revival for the win. There was some fun work between Joe and Manny here too. They celebrated after the match, to Dillinger's music, and Dillinger was praised by Balor and Manny to end the show. The crowd agreed as Dillinger always holds his own in the main events


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