Asuka Talks Learning At The Performance Center, Help From Shinsuke Nakamura And Hideo Itami, More

NXT Women's Champion Asuka was interviewed by Enuhito about her transition to American wrestling. You can see highlights below, or the full interview at this link.

The coaching at the Performance Center:


"Coaches here are teaching me a lot of things I didn't know in Japan. Basics to advance techniques. Some of it is similar to what I was doing in Japan but rhythm or timing is little different in the States, so how I mix Japanese and American techniques to my style is what I need to work on."

Her relationship with other Japanese WWE stars:

"I am in the same promo class with Hideo. We need to do promos in front of other superstars and coaches, but it always turns out to be like a comedy show. Shinsuke took me out to the beach with other superstars. Shinsuke gives me advices after checking my matches."

What she eats in the U.S.:

"Now a day, I only eat Japanese food here! I miss Japanese food! Not so many good Japanese restaurants in Orlando. It's difficult to find authentic Japanese restaurant."


Source: Enuhito