Backstage News On Damien Sandow's WWE Non-Compete, RAW - NBA Finals, Lebron James' Undertaker Shirt

- As noted, Damien Sandow wrestled at this past weekend's MCW event in Joppa, MD. Sandow teamed with The Bruiser, Colt Cabana and Johnny Crabcakes to face The Kings and brought back the "stunt double" gimmick. It was recently reported by Dave Meltzer in The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Sandow's WWE non-compete deal ends on August 7th, but it allows him to work house shows in the meantime, he just can't work television or iPPVs.

- WWE RAW faces some tough competition tonight against Game 5 of the NBA finals. It could be the last game of the series if The Golden State Warriors, who are 3-1 in the series, beat The Cleveland Cavaliers. The series has been doing huge ratings for ABC and has been averaging 17 million viewers per game.

- Speaking of the series, the official NBA Twitter account tweeted the photo below yesterday of Lebron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers relaxing before a practice while wearing an old school Undertaker shirt.


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