It’s no secret that WWE has been reaching out to several former veteran Superstars as they attempt to beef up the rosters in anticipation of the Brand Extension that kicks off when SmackDown goes live on July 19th.

Names reported or rumored to be in recent talks with WWE include Kurt Angle, Carlito, MVP, Tommy Dreamer, Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio and Bill Goldberg.

Another name reported was Stevie Richards but according to PWInsider, Richards would be brought back to be a coach at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando. With the Brand Extension, there are expected to be a number of changes at the Performance Center and in WWE NXT. Word is that many members of the developmental staff will be moved up to work the main rosters and those spots will need to be filled.

The returns of former Superstars are planned to be full-time returns as most of the deals being offered are for 2-3 years.

Source: PWInsider Elite

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